Charles Maher, CFP

Certified Financial Planner™ Professional

"Financial success is achievable even in these volatile times if we will make the time to appreciate what it is we already have and  recognize what it is we truly want out of life."

I penned those words near the end of 2001, billions, if not trillions of dollars disappeared as we saw the tech bubble burst, the Twin Towers fall and the financial markets collapse.

That tormented market, solidified my belief that stocks and bonds, mutual funds, gold, real estate, 401(k)s and  IRAs, wills and trusts and all the rest are simply just tools. It's your vision of the future, what you want out of life; a successful retirement, financial independence, college for the kids, a new home, whatever it is, that is what holds the key to your financial success. The rest are simply the tools to get you there. But far to often people end up chasing the newest, the greatest, the best. Searching for that perfect investment, the highest return, jumping from one investment to the next, never quite getting where they wish to be.

In defining your dreams, assessing the cost, recognizing what you have, developing a plan and choosing the right tools, the foundation is establish for your financial success.

That is what financial planning is about.

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